Bombas Dosificadoras – Medida y control

Water analysing unit


Features Parameter
With the opto-electronic compact analyzing unit DIT you obtain proven technology for the quick and precise determination of numerous water contents. Chlorine
Chlorine dioxide
pH – value
Redox potential
Metal (see details)
Heavy metal (see details)


Measuring Amplifier & Controller

Conex® DIA-1

Features Parameter
Universal amplifier and controller for flexible use in many disinfection tasks Cl2, ClO2, O3, PAA, H2O2, fluoride, pH or redox


Conex® DIA-2

Features Parameter
Dual amplifier and controller measures and controls the disinfection parameter and the pH value simultaneously Parameter 1:
Cl2, ClO2, O3 or H2O2Parameter 2:


Conex® DIA-2Q

Features Parameter
Dual amplifier and multifunctional controller with compound-loop control for applications where the flow rate is varying Parameter 1:
Cl2, ClO2, O3, PAA or H2O2Parameter 2:
pH, redox or fluoride


Conex® DIS D/PR

Features Parameter
Powerful Economic Line DIS D:
Cl2, ClO2 or O3DIS PR:
pH or redox


Conex® DIS C

Features Parameter
Amplifier and controller for conductivity (conductive or inductive method) conductivity



Features Parameter
Triple measuring amplifier and controller especially designed for applications in the swimming pool and drinking water fields Parameter 1:
Cl2, ClO2 or O3Parameter 2:
pHParameter 3:


Software for central control desk


Features Parameter
All process and operation data are centrally recorded and archived, and up to 12 DIP units can be operated via PC for DIP amplifiers


Measuring sells and sensors


Features Parameter
Modular potentiostatic measuring cells for disinfection Cl2, ClO2 or O3


Other measuring sensors

Features Parameter
Diaphragm-covered measuring cells, electrodes and single-rod probes PAA, H2O2, pH, redox or fluoride or temperature


Compact measuring systems

Plug&Play measuring systems

Features Parameter
Complete system ready for connection Cl2, ClO2, O3, PAA, H2O2, fluoride, pH or redox


Gas warning devices

Conex® DIS-G

Features Parameter
Gas warning devices with amperometric sensors Cl2, ClO2, O3


Conex® DIA-G

Features Parameter
Gas warning devices with amperometric and potentiostatic sensors Cl2, ClO2, O3, NH3, HCl